Head Chef Nickel Kitchen and Bar

Gordon MacGregor

From country Scotland to the hustle and bustle of Brisbane’s entertainment precinct, Gordon MacGregor is bringing passion to the Nickel Kitchen & Bar restaurant as the Head Chef.From the age of 14, Gordon knew his passion was for the kitchen where he could bring his natural talent to life. His motivation to constantly create derives from his desire to be a leader in the culinary world.

A big believer in using local ingredients, Gordon emphasises that it’s all about the texture, palate and smell to bring back local ingredients to fine dining.

Gordon’s passion for the kitchen is ignited by the speed, enthusiasm, and challenges presented on a daily basis. The thrill of service drives him to create new dishes that appeal to the changing palate of his guests. As a chef, Gordon believes the biggest complement you can receive is a smile on a diner’s face.

“People enjoy dining out not just for the food but the entire experience, and I want people leaving Nickel Kitchen & Bar feeling inspired and eager to return,” said Gordon.

One of his greatest enjoyments is writing menus. “I’ll wake up at 3am with an idea and write it down so that I can incorporate it into my menu the next day,” said Gordon.

Gordon not only reveals his passion through his dishes but through his kitchen staff. He encourages his team members to live and breathe the service, having the whole team committed to delivering the best quality and service possible.

“I want my team to feel as passionate about the dish as I do. The kitchen as a whole plays a crucial part in the success and quality of our dishes,” said Gordon.

Gordon’s philosophy is established on wanting to develop unique experiences that guests are stunned by. He doesn’t want people to just come and be fed; he wants to create a new culinary dimension for diners that make them remember their experience for years to come.

Gordon has won more than 20 awards across multiple countries over his career. To taste Gordon’s passion, visit Nickel Kitchen & Bar today for an experience, not just a meal.

Head Sommelier Nickel Kitchen and Bar

Antoine Heurtier

Antoine Heurtier’s journey to becoming a sommelier started early in life, finding inspiration in his father’s cellar where he started to grow a strong appreciation for the complexity and beauty of wine.

At the ripe age of 24, Antoine expresses his breadth of knowledge and experience through his hand-picked wine lists that bring together some of the greatest wines from all over the world. The sommelier plays an extremely important role in the fine dining experience, helping guests guide to the perfect wine through their knowledge and recommendations.

Antoine encourages people to try something new and go beyond past experiences. His biggest aspiration is to make guests happy by suggesting alternative wine selections, and guide diners to leave their comfort zones.

“People want more interaction in their dining experience, this is why people visit Nickel Kitchen & Bar. We are creating new concepts and always striving to be different – which is showcased in our wine selection of over 263 labels,” said Mr Heurtier.

Having personally tasted and selected a large number of the wines on the menu, Antoine is extremely proud of what Nickel Kitchen & Bar has to offer. His selections have been carefully paired with the kitchen’s expertise, ensuring both food and wine bring the best possible experience to the customer.

“We all think about it as a team and believe that both components of the business could not be as successful without one another,” said Mr Heurtier.

Antoine acknowledges that as a young sommelier he still has plenty to learn.

“I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest sommeliers to help hone my skills and they are my inspiration to keep finding new wines and mastering my services as a sommelier,” said Mr Heurtier.

To taste Antoine’s passion, visit Nickel Kitchen & Bar today for an experience, not just a drink.